thing 18: Outreach/Marketing



Browse the above examples of outreach and marketing, and post a comment with your answers to ANY of the following reflection questions:

  • What elements or approaches from the examples seemed most useful, inspiring, or applicable to your institutional context? How might you implement or adapt them at your library?
  • What additional examples of Framework-inspired outreach/marketing have you seen or developed? Share links to examples.
  • Many of the examples above revise or condense the language of the frames to make it more approachable or relevant to the local institution. How might you approach editing the language from one of the frames to make it better fit your institutional needs?
  • Identify one small-scale, Framework-inspired outreach project that you could take on in the near future. Who would you like to connect with, and what kind of method (LibGuide, poster, online or in-person discussion, etc.) would you use? How could you scale up from this project to something more ambitious?

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