thing 8: Research as Inquiry

Recommended Readings, Resources, and Examples

Badia, G. (2016). Question formation: A teachable art. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 23(2), 210-216. [paywalled]

Fuchs, B. and Sharp, D. (2015). From Pints to Barrels: Helping Topic-Focused Students See the Bigger Picture.  LOEX Annual Conference.

Choose Your Own Adventure Activity

Select one of the following activities to complete:

  1. Locate an example of an article or lesson plan that describes an approach to teaching using the frame Research as Inquiry. In a comment, post a link to the article or lesson plan (or a citation if paywalled) along with a short summary of what you read. How could you adapt or build upon this approach at your own institution?
  2. Drawing inspiration from one of the recommended readings, draft your own lesson plan related to the frame Research as Inquiry. Upload your lesson plan to Project CORA and/or the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox, and post a link to it here.


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