How to Participate

To participate in 23 Framework Things, work on the 23 Things at your own pace.  Begin with any Thing by clicking on it from the homepage or via the “Things” drop-down menu.  Each thing presents a prompt, giving a directive or asking a big question.  Take time to analyze the prompt and read any suggested articles or blog posts, ask co-workers about the ideas presented, or do your own research on the issue — whatever you need to do to wrap your head around the topic — then follow the directive or share your reaction to the big question in the Comments section of the “thing.”  You can also post your reaction on your own site, but be sure to share a link to it in the Comments section of the Thing.  Please use your name when posting in the Comments section or create a Gravatar.

That’s it!  Think, react, and share…oh, and have fun!  View the comments/work of your 23 Framework Things peers and tell them just how wrong they are feel free to give them feedback. 🙂

We encourage you to share any epiphanies via social media using the hashtag: #23fwthings

Through participation and completion of all 23 Framework Things we hope you gain insight into and practical suggestions for implementing the Framework at your institution.



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