The “23 Framework Things” program would not be possible without help from the following people and organizations:

We would like to thank Helene Blowers, whose Library Learning 2.0 program serves as the basis of all 23 Things programs.  Metronet‘s previous 23 Things library programs served as the spark to engage with the Framework via this method.  A special thanks to them, especially Director Ann Walker Smalley, who gave us some useful advice when developing this program.

Funding for prizes came from the Minnesota Library Association. ❤  We highly encourage all Minnesota librarians to join the MLA!  A special thanks to Management HQ (especially Tammy Schoenberg) for their help for assistance purchasing and mailing prizes!

Minitex also provided major funding for prizes.  Thank you! 😀

WordPress was used to create and host this website.

Canva was used to create most of the images you see on this site.

Pexels provided free images.

Pixabay provided free images.

Google Drive was used to create the registration form for this site and is used extensively for collaboration by the program developers.