thing 6: Information Creation as a Process

Recommended Readings, Resources, and Examples

Woxland, C. M., Cochran, D., Davis, E. L., & Lundstrom, K. (2017). Communal & Student-Centered: Teaching Information Creation as a Process with Mobile Technologies. Reference Services Review, 45(1). [paywalled]

Choose Your Own Adventure Activity

Select one of the following activities to complete:

  1. Locate an example of an article or lesson plan that describes an approach to teaching using the frame Information Creation as a Process. In a comment, post a link to the article or lesson plan (or a citation if paywalled) along with a short summary of what you read. How could you adapt or build upon this approach at your own institution?
  2. Drawing inspiration from one of the recommended readings, draft your own lesson plan related to the frame Information Creation as a Process. Upload your lesson plan to Project CORA and/or the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox, and post a link to it here.

One comment

  1. I like “Scholarly Article Autopsy” found on the Sandbox:

    It’s an activity that pretty much takes up one session. It splits students into groups and each group looks at a scholarly and non-scholarly article, answering very detailed questions about each element of the scholarly article via a worksheet and comparing it to the non-scholarly one. Then each group presents about one or two of the questions while the librarian shows the article in question on screen.

    This brings attention to what goes into the creation of a scholarly article, specifically those in the sciences & social sciences with a lit review, methods, and results section. I think any subject could benefit from this activity just as a way to really look at and question the way academic literature is written to better know how to use it in your own research.



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