thing 17: Curriculum-Mapping



Curriculum mapping is a process by which librarians map information literacy learning outcomes onto courses, departments, programs of study, and/or for a student population at an institution (for example mapping IL outcomes to the liberal arts learning goals for undergraduates). This process can help librarians identify gaps, redundancies, & stakeholders as well as provide the necessary context in order to scaffold and assess information literacy across the curriculum. Read one or more of articles above to gain more insight into the curriculum mapping process, examine the examples, and then answer one or more of the questions in the comments below:

  • Which of the approaches outlined in the articles above do you think will work best at your institution? Why?
  • Think about one of the departments or programs of study you work with. Where do you see redundancies and opportunities for integrated information literacy instruction?
  • Examine a syllabus or the major requirements for a department you work with. Where do you see overlap between those learning goals/outcomes and the Framework?


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