thing 12: Collaborating with Faculty


Lundstrom, K., Anna Fagerheim, B., & Benson, E. (2014). Librarians and instructors developing student learning outcomes: Using frameworks to lead the process. Reference Services Review, 42(3), 484-498. doi: 10.1108/RSR-04-2014-0007


Lundstrom, Fagherheim, and Benson describe a large-scale collaborative effort to create learning outcomes based on the Framework. How could you use elements of their collaborative approach in order to expand assessment efforts at your own institution? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Identify one course you work with where you’d like to try a new, Framework-inspired approach to teaching and assessment. Draft an email to an instructor explaining the basics of your idea and ask to set up a meeting to talk further. Share your draft email here.


  1. The authors in this article are doing what one of my colleagues is trying to do with the English department, but the Writing Fellow there seems to be a position that has a different person there every few years. We are able to get into most of the English classes, but it is not as structured as the Case Study in the article.
    I would like to be more structured in approaching a different department and a draft email follows.

    Dear [head of department/faculty]

    The library is making a concerted effort to ensure that all students are aware of the vast array of important resources available to help them succeed in college, life, and the workplace. After a careful analysis of the curriculum of [your department/major] we noticed that there are a set of four (seven) core classes all students are required to take. We would like to work with the faculty that teach those classes to do one or some of the following:
    -have students learn about the library, in person or within the context of the online portion of the class, by the end of their first year of college.
    -give the library liaison access to the syllabi and the key assignments in core classes to better understand how to support the academic and research needs of the students and faculty.
    -meet with the faculty and/or department head to discuss how to ensure students use library resources by the end of their first year of college.
    -If possible, work with students again in upper level [major] classes to see how to those resources for more advanced research.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Heather Williamson


  2. Dear Professor,

    In an effort to introduce our students to more robust research strategies, I would like to discuss with you a slight revision in the outline for the library instruction that I have previously used with your upper-level, English literature students. I would like to present the information on searching for books and articles from the perspective of searching as a strategic exploration.

    To facilitate this, I propose breaking the students into small groups, so they can brainstorm key words and search terms pertaining to their research paper assignment. They would then be directed to plug search terms into WorldCat Discovery for books and the three databases you prefer for articles to see how different terms pull up different results. I would then show them how to discover the subject labels for each record and advise them to search with at least two of these terms as well and compare results.

    The goals of the revised teaching strategy are to illustrate to students that they need to be creative and flexible in their research, that the first attempt may not always yield good results, and that they need to be persistent if they struggle at first. Students will learn to refine their research strategies, will gain a better understanding of how to use information systems to their advantage, will recognize the effects of using different language in their searches, and will gain tools on how to manage the search process.

    The new set-up in the library’s E-classroom will facilitate this group activity, and students will be able to share their group’s results with the whole class.

    I would like to meet with you for about 30 minutes to discuss in more detail the library instruction for your research paper assignment and to combine our collective expertise in literature and library instruction, respectively. Thank you.




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