thing 12: Collaborating with Faculty


Lundstrom, K., Anna Fagerheim, B., & Benson, E. (2014). Librarians and instructors developing student learning outcomes: Using frameworks to lead the process. Reference Services Review, 42(3), 484-498. doi: 10.1108/RSR-04-2014-0007


Lundstrom, Fagherheim, and Benson describe a large-scale collaborative effort to create learning outcomes based on the Framework. How could you use elements of their collaborative approach in order to expand assessment efforts at your own institution? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Identify one course you work with where you’d like to try a new, Framework-inspired approach to teaching and assessment. Draft an email to an instructor explaining the basics of your idea and ask to set up a meeting to talk further. Share your draft email here.

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