The End


Progress tracking, site management, and prize eligibility will end on August 31, 2018.  Those who complete all 23 things by this date will receive a certificate of completion.


You made it!  Thank you so much for progressing through 23 Framework Things!  We appreciate your effort and contribution to the program.  We hope that you got a lot out of it!

We would really appreciate your feedback on the course by giving your review of the program in the comments, or make a short video on Flipgrid, using this link.  The grid password is: 23Frames  

Please identify the most important thing you learned, what you still have questions about, and how has the 23 Framework Things program affected your teaching?

Thank you!


  1. Amy, Kim, and Trent, thank you for creating and monitoring 23 Framework Things!

    When I signed up for 23 Framework Things in June 2017, I had been a reference librarian for seven months. Learning about the former Standards and the new Framework for Information Literacy has been valuable. I learned that my college was using a Standards-influenced checklist for 50-minute library information sessions; thanks to the early Things, I gained an understanding of how and why this was developed. As I moved through the Things, I reflected on my approaches to teaching these sessions and gathered Framework-influenced pedagogical strategies to use. I am now comfortable deviating away from the Standards-influenced checklist and approach information literacy classes using Framework-inspired strategies.

    In addition to helping me re-think how I present information on the research process in one-shot, 50-minute library information sessions, 23 Things has also influenced how I present research strategies in the writing classes I teach. Over the past academic year, I used various hands-on resources that I first learned about while working on the Things.

    I have enjoyed going through all 23 Things and now have a toolkit consisting of research and practical resources at hand. Thanks again!

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    • We are so glad you’ve found this to be a helpful, Jodi! Thanks for all your thoughtful comments and enthusiastic participation!


  2. First of all, thank you Amy, Kim, and Trent, for creating 23 Framework Things. It has been an extraordinarily valuable learning tool for me as I’ve waded into the deep waters of the ACRL Framework this year. The articles and questions have prompted me to consider the Framework in ways I had not really looked at it during earlier readings of it; and the shared forum was a great space to try out new ideas about how all of us are grappling with the Framework within/without our libraries.

    For me, the work with the SLOs was extremely helpful; and I found the discussion about Social Justice thought-provoking.

    23 Framework Things has been a wonderful accompaniment to my work over the last two semesters as I have revised our bibliographic instruction. Each Thing was a prompt for something I was working on at that moment or would be working on in the future.

    I have enjoyed this process so much. Thank you again!

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Crystal! It is excellent that you’ve been able to use 23 Framework Things to improve you teaching practice!



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